Buninyong energy storage system

Commissioning of the Buninyong energy storage system will commence soon with installation of new noise and visual treatments underway.

The energy storage system will reduce stress on the network, providing up to 20% of the current powerline’s capacity that services 6,400 customers. It will also deliver reliability of supply to people who live in Buninyong by reducing outages by 66 per cent.

About the trial

CitiPower and Powercor committed $8 million towards the 2 megawatt energy storage system along one of the main powerlines in Buninyong. The energy storage system will be the largest of its kind in Australia, capable of providing back-up power to about 800 customers located downstream of the battery in Buninyong.

Its operation will provide data on improving efficiency and reliability of supply to customers, and will determine future investment in similar technologies in the CitiPower and Powercor network. 

Our progress

Since commencing tests on the energy storage system we have been working with neighbours and the community to understand concerns and provide regular updates on our progress.

We heard a strong desire from the community to be involved in future planning and the need for more information about the energy storage system trial well in advance of any future changes. Feedback has directly contributed to:

  • Native vegetation being selected as the treatment for the site to maintain visual amenity for those who live nearby or drive past the site regularly.
  • Noise treatments will be installed to limit the sound generated from the energy system while in operation.

Next steps

The work to install the noise treatments has progressed and is planned for completion in February 2017. Following this, planting of native vegetation for the visual treatment is anticipated to commence in March-April 2017, once Autumn arrives and the conditions improve to provide better success with vegetation survival.

More information

Contact the project team for more information on talkingelectricity@powercor.com.au or phone 13 22 06.