Report a streetlight fault

With your help, we’ll keep our streetlights in good working condition.

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  Streetlight fault reporting tool






Streetlights are important for community safety, so we want to keep them working. That’s why we’ll promptly fix any faulty streetlights we find when on patrol in our areas. But we don’t always spot every problem with a streetlight. Here's where you can help by reporting faulty streetlights.


If it’s an emergency, please call CitiPower on 13 12 80 or Powercor on 13 24 12.

How to report a streetlight fault

You may be eligible to receive $10 for reporting a faulty CitiPower or Powercor streetlight that is in the vicinity of your home or business. Eligibility depends on the streetlight not being repaired within two business days after the day you report it to us, and you being the first to report it.