Metro and CBD Security of Supply

These projects address two key issues: increased electricity supply to Melbourne’s north-east CBD, and extra protection against outages across the CBD.

Due to residential and commercial growth in the north-east region of the CBD, there has been an increased electricity demand for that area. To help us cope with this extra demand, our Metro project is increasing the network’s capacity to supply electricity to this part of the CBD. 

In addition, to reduce the inconvenience of power outages in the CBD, our CBD Security of Supply project will introduce a ‘double back-up’ system for major cables, which will allow us to switch the network within 30 minutes of an outage, allowing us to withstand a second outage.

These two key projects require a large amount of work. For example, the Metro and CBD Security of Supply projects will see the installation of 21km of cables over a 7km distance from Brunswick to Carlton and construction of the new Zone Substation in Waratah Place in the CBD.

The Project has now entered the final phase with the redevelopment of the Waratah Place substation, underground cabling and connection into the grid.

If you have any queries about these projects, please call 1300 301 101.

Here is where we are working in 2017-2019.

1 – Waratah Place (changes to access)

2 – Heffernan Lane (changes to access)

3 – Zone Substation construction site (hoarding and site protection to be erected)