Water saving


We watch our water use to make sure there is plenty to go around for all our communities.

Just like everybody else, we need to use water, whether it’s for washing our vehicles or keeping our gardens healthy.

And, just like other people, we try to limit how much water we use.

To help us, we have water tanks at seven locations – Horsham, Ballarat, Bendigo, Rooney Street, Sheparton, Kyneton and Warrnambool. The water from these tanks is used to wash our vehicles, which helps stop any weeds or plants that have collected on the vehicles from being transported from one site to another.

If the water tanks are empty or we need to wash a vehicle away from the water tanks, we first ask for permission from the local water authorities.

We also use the water tanks to maintain the grounds and gardens at these locations.

Apart from our field operations, we also encourage our staff to watch their water use around the office, including in the kitchen and bathrooms. There are also timers in our showers to limit the amount of water used by our staff, plus we provide water-saving tips for our staff on the intranet.