Minimising waste


We keep a close eye on how much waste we create, and recycle as much as we can.

Our waste includes oil, scrap metal and water, which we recycle. For example, an accredited company collects waste oil from our scrapped equipment, and scrap metals – such as copper, steel and aluminium – are recycled.

Our waste water is also recycled through wastewater contractors, who use the water for soil treatment processes as well as for watering local parks and gardens.

We have joined the State Government’s Waste Wise program. Accreditation for this program was obtained by improving the way we manage waste across all areas of our business. For example, we introduced recycling bins in all kitchens and cardboard recycling at all depots, and we stopped using disposable plastic cups.

We recycle our computer hardware. Some of our old computers that still work are donated to charities and community groups while the remainder are recycled through registered contractors. This includes monitors, hardware and toner cartridges from printers.

We also recycle our fluorescent tubes, and staff can even bring in compact fluorescent light globes from home for recycling. We have also organised for Green Collect to collect and recycle our staff’s mobile phones, DVDs, CDs, corks and batteries.